Me. Salon, where it’s all about YOU

businessofthemonth1-2015Cara d’Ambrosio may call her salon “Me Salon”, but the way she and partner Sarah Renner do business, it’s really the “YOU” salon.

In the over twenty years she’s been in the business, she’s learned that there’s more to hairstyling than just cutting off a few inches or covering up the gray. “You need to create an intimate experience, and focus on the individual,” says Cara. That’s where Me Salon comes in. After working in a typical salon with a number of employees, Cara decided it was time to open a more intimate salon that offered a specific, individualized experience. By partnering with former employee Sarah, she was able to bring this dream to light.

Cara and Sarah are getting ready to open their chic studio, where they will be practicing a French style of cutting and coloring called “Jacques Dessange”, named for the man who created it. This is a more precise method of hairstyling that provides a complete look by designing a style that works precisely with your own personal features, body type and lifestyle; after all, what looks good on your best friend or favorite actress won’t necessarily look good on you. So Cara and Sarah will be your beauty experts, working closely with you to be sure that you not only leave with the style and color you want (and that makes you look fabulous), but with a look you can also recreate at home. It’s their goal to make every style user-friendly, easily maintained and managed away from the salon.

Me Salon will still offer the same quality products you’re used to getting from them, but in a more client-focused, elegant setting. Their new location in the Fields-Ertel Salon Lofts is being professionally decorated by Broad Spectrum, the same firm that handles Homearama designs. They will be offering their clients a selection of coffee, tea, wine and beer in their boutique salon setting. Me Salon will serve both men and women, and they prefer to refer to their clients as “guests”, to help complete the whole experience of being pampered. They are confident that with their new location, combined years of experience and unique, high-end styling and coloring services, Me Salon will continue to be the only place the premier men and women of Cincinnati want to go for hairstyling services.

Exclusive men’s fashions found at 45/46


If fine clothing is important to you, then 45/46 Fine Men’s Apparel is a place worth a visit while you are here in Greater Cincinnati. This men’s apparel store is a retail establishment in the high-end tradition of men’s stores, because of the hand-picked nature of what you will find on the racks and shelves, and in the swatch books.

Jim Young, the GM and buyer, had this to say about his selection: “I hand pick everything in here. I spend a lot of time at market, deciding what will go in my selection each season. Then I spend the extra time on how I want the shirt (or other garments) modeled—how I want the collar, the taper, the sleeves, the cuffs. So even though that fabric is available to everybody in the world, I’ve modified it—it’s specifically made for this store.”

That personal men’s-wear insight shows in the shirts, sweaters and other garments that adorn the racks and tables of this shop. The patterns and styles are distinctive and fashionable. Your purchase becomes an image statement as well.

There is also a made-to-measure program at 45/46. Patrons can have suits, sport coats and shirts made by 45/46. The custom process allows a man to pick from fabric swatches for the suit, coat or shirt goods, and determine the style and fit of every aspect of the finished goods, right down to the button choices, and even the lining of the suit or sport coat. Young does the measurement personally, and follows through with the final fitting. If you have never had a suit of clothing or a shirt custom-made, the 45/46 shop is a place that will help you through the process with the utmost personal one-on-one service, according to Young.

The 45/46 apparel focus is on fine products that are made in the USA. Young pointed out several lines that are of US manufacture: “Even my denim is made in the USA,” he said. The company is Citizens for Humanity, a jeans maker based in Los Angeles. Young claims to have the largest selection of Citizen’s denim anywhere in the tri-state area, with more variety than any other outlet for the jeans.

In ready-made suits, the store carries American-made suits by Hart, Schaffner & Marx and Hickey Freeman. Both brands have been part of fine men’s wear for generations. In shoes, Young stocks the Allen Edmonds line, and is the largest independent dealer in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky for the American-made footwear.

Also, you’ll find designer clothing by Hugo Boss, Ted Baker and other labels. Those products are manufactured abroad, and are offered in 45/46.

Those with gift lists to fill may want to consider the line of Korchmar leather goods offered at 45/46. Among the selections is a smart tan leather duffle of full-grain leather, featuring both handle and shoulder strap, and brass fittings. There are messenger bags and briefcases as well, all formerly made locally in Cincinnati, and now made in Florida.

There is a serious tie selection, all custom made, and no more than two of any style. Same with the sock selection…incredible choices throughout the store.

Find 45/46 on Hyde Park Square at 2719 Erie Avenue. See you there!

Experience and talentare the keys to success at Christopher Marcus Salon


High-end salons can be a bit pretentious, a bit full of the prima donna factor. If you have ever been to salons exhibiting those characteristics, you know the attitude, right?

Christopher Marcus Salon on Hyde Park Square is high-end, but with a pleasant twist. No pretention, for starters. And no drama, either. So where we are with all that is high-end and laid back, providing hair, nail and skin services to discriminating women and men.

“We have an amazingly talented team of stylists here,” said Mark Neff, the man who runs the show. He backed this up by saying that every one of the stylists and service providers has at least seven years’ experience in their respective specialties. Neff said that talent brings confidence and self-assurance at the point it matters most—in serving clients.

Those attributes play into his team strategy. A team orientation means his staff works together in focusing on client needs. Egos do not get in the way of delivering good service. “No drama, here, so our focus can be on each and every customer who walks through the door.”

Many visitors to Greater Cincinnati already know of the salon, because of its emphasis on time management, or said another way, being conscientious with the time of people on the go. “We offer manicures and pedicures, but also, we offer an Express Manicure & (or) Pedicure for our color clients,” Neff said. “We make a real effort to conserve and effectively use the person’s time.”

The same is true for glycolic peels for the face, which the salon introduced as Skin Care on the Go. The treatment is designed to be a quick in-and-out service that may be done during a lunch hour or the like—30 minutes, and you’re on your way.

Peels have become more than cosmetic, since the removal of skin reduces the risk of skin cancer by 70 percent, according to Neff. There is an anti-aging benefit as well, since the top layer of dead skin is removed. The treatment tricks the skin into rejuvenating itself, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles, making you look younger, he said.

Asked about hair makeovers, Neff said many clients come in wanting just that—a makeover. “People come in with a magazine and say: ‘I want that look.’ A picture is worth a thousand words, but there is more to it” he said. His stylists spend the time in consultation in the beginning—clearly establishing what the client wants or is looking for.

“A good stylist will take everything into consideration: face shape, texture of the hair, how much hair, the color, every aspect of the cut. Good consultation is what sets up success, and experience teaches you that,” he said.

One new feature of his salon is the Skin Clinic Happy Hour—a group approach held at the end of the day. The HH is designed for 6-8 people, and along with wine and appetizers, the skin services are provided. It’s a fun time, Neff said.

Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome, and the salon is open Tuesday through Saturday—closed Sundays and Mondays. See you at Christopher Marcus Salon!

Window World focus on quality, community

businessofthemonth9-2014Did you know that Window World is the largest remodeler and window replacement company in the world? That according to John Oslica, head of the franchise here in the Greater Cincinnati area. When you choose Window World, be prepared to feel good about your purchase for many reasons.

Beyond the statistical fact of sales volume, there is much more to know about this U.S. Company, with more than 200 locations nationwide. First, the deal: Oslica promises the lowest price, guaranteed, and a warranty that includes glass breakage and labor for as long as you own the windows. Plus, the warranty is transferrable to a second owner, should you sell your home.

“Our windows are the best product at the best price with the best guarantee on the market,” Oslica said. “I don’t care whose product we go up against, ours is better. We’ll do heat tests and cold tests, whatever measure you want, and we’ll (Window World’s product) come out on top.”

As evidence of superiority in the window market, Oslica pointed to the Good Housekeeping® seal of approval, which Window World products have received for seven years in a row. Also, the company received the prestigious J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction the past two years running. To his point, Oslica said any window maker can “buy” award status, but a company can only earn the two he touts.

So, good windows, doors, vinyl siding and gutters, but there is more. “We are about more than just selling windows and our other products. It is critical to our company—both locally and nationally—to give back to the community. We are linked up with St. Jude’s Hospital (in Memphis, and for children), and we raise money through customers (sales), store owners and employees, and donate 100 percent of the money to St. Jude, with no administrative costs,” he said

Also, using the corporate jet, the company participates in Veterans Airlift Command, a service that flies wounded U.S. veterans and their families across the country for free. “Our private corporate plane has flown the second-most missions of any corporation in the United States to help these service men and women get the care they need, without having to go through the TSA screening at airports.”

Locally, Window World is working with both the Epilepsy Foundation and the Aubrey Rose Foundation to raise money through sales and fundraisers. “We work hard at this, and within the company there is a deep commitment to help others that is as strong as the focus on bringing a good product to the market,” Oslica said.

Figure Weight Loss: A no-nonsense path to a thinner you


If you knew a sure-fire way to slim down to a more attractive weight, would you go for it? Those answering “Yes” need to read about Figure Weight Loss, located here in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Figure Weight Loss program is physician-supervised, non-surgical, scientifically based, and individualized to your body, your metabolism, and your situation, according to Greg Weckenbrock, M.D.

Weckenbrock is the medical doctor who heads the Figure Weight Loss practice, which is dedicated to helping people lose weight. The practice was founded in 1999, and has helped thousands of people with weight issues to achieve their goals of losing weight and keeping the weight off.

About the Figure Weight Loss approach, Dr. Weckenbrock said: “Our physician-supervised program is comprehensive and proven to help our patients achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. Our success rate is very high, and the gratifying aspect for me and more importantly for our patients is that they keep the weight off, resulting in improved health, energy, attitude, appearance and self-image.”

On social media sites such as Google®, testimonials of people who have gone through the program clearly show the proven and very nearly universal success rate of the Figure Weight Loss program. Dr. Weckenbrock urged those interested in weight loss to check such sites and see what people are saying about Figure Weight Loss.

How does the program work? The starting point is a medical assessment by a medical professional, then a physician, who will counsel the patient on any medical concerns, and if necessary, prescribe the appropriate medication. The patient’s BMI (body mass index) is used to qualify each patient for the program, and goals are set based on the BMI calculation. Doctors help each patient establish sensible, appropriate and obtainable goals of weight loss.

Beyond the assessment, the cornerstone of the weight loss program is education. Doctors and staff educate patients on how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. Each patient receives a lifestyle evaluation, and from that benchmark data, an activity/exercise program is established. There are no crash diets, no program-supplied foods to buy, and no gimmicky dietary supplements or wonder drugs promising easy weight loss.

“Our weight-loss program is based on sound medical principles, making each individualized program safe and effective for the patient. And our approach is affordable, since it is based on monthly consultations that run for three to six months in most cases,” Dr. Weckenbrock said. “Patients appreciate the affordability. Also, they appreciate the sustainability based on lifestyle adjustments rather than having to be involved in expensive programs that seemingly, or literally, never end.”

For more information about Figure Weight Loss, go to or call 859-371-4555. Offices are located at 157 Barnwood Drive in Edgewood, Kentucky, about 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati via expressway.

Me Salon – Leading edge in hair color & cut

Women and men should know more about technique in the salon biz. After all, you are gambling your appearance on what a salon will do to your hair while you’re in their chair—right?

That’s why you should know about Me Salon at 10574 Loveland-Madeira Road near I-275. Key Magazine went behind the scissors to uncover a game-changer difference in the salon business here and everywhere in America—and it’s all about technique.

Me Salon’s staff cut and color hair according to the French technique. “The French technique is based on a person’s bone structure, hair type and texture,” said Cara D’Ambrosio, owner of Me Salon. “The cut and the color are custom, a one-of-a-kind creation that will look good, but also wear well, be functional between cuts and easier to manage, day to day. The same is true when we color hair; we use a custom approach with proprietary coloring agents made specifically for this salon, and we custom-fit them to the hair of each person.”

The British technique is the other method of salon cutting and coloring—something of a one-size-fits-all approach to hair. Almost every salon nationwide uses the British method, and is based on geometry and measurement instead of bone structure, and hair texture and type. Take an inch off everywhere and that equals a “technically correct” cut using the British methodology.

Me Salon’s Cara D’Ambrosio was internationally trained in Paris and Toronto, in schools teaching French cut and color methods, and applying the Jacques Dessang methodology. She has contributed professional articles to trade publications