User Verification

Verification Process

Step 1. Register for an account on the Key Magazine web site
Step 2. Confirm your e-mail address with the webmaster (the webmaster will contact the new user using there supplied e-mail address to confirm that it is a valid address)
Step 3. Confirmed e-mail address will then be approved for access to the Key Magazine web site.

Confirmed Users Benefits:

Post your business online in the Key Business Directory
Post your community events in the Key Online Calendar
Post your band information in the Key Support Local Music section
Post your band performances in the Key Online Calendar

If the user has supplied invalid contact information that can not be verified, the account will be deleted.

We take security seriously on the Key Magazine web site and intend to keep the web site as safe and secure as possible. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, please fill out the form below for assistance.