The Queen City – December 2013


The Queen City – September 2013


Cincinnati, also known as the Queen City, is a city rich in history and culture with exceptional visual and creative arts, professional sports teams and top notch museums. Whether you are a resident or a visitor there is always something to learn, see and do in Cincinnati and our neighboring cities of Covington and Newport. For those reasons and many more, it’s no surprise that in 2012 Lonely Planet Travel Guide named Cincinnati number three of the top ten travel destinations in the United States.

Cincinnati offers all the benefits of larger cities like Chicago and New York while maintaining the small hometown hospitality. In this section we like to bring interesting facts and opinions. This is what we have for you in this month’s issue:

The influence of the German settlers is seen and celebrated in “Zinzinnati” from her architecture and breweries to the Oktoberfest celebrations that take place all over the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. The neighbor cities of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport all have Oktoberfest celebrations as well as several communities including the Cincinnati Donauschwaben Society and the Germania Society of Cincinnati.

We don’t have the data from all events but the numbers would be astonishing, we do however have the numbers from Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. According to Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber who organizes the event festival goers will on average consume:

• 87,542 metts
• 80,500 bratwurst
• 64,000 sauerkraut balls
• 56,250 sausages
• 24,640 potato pancakes
• 23,004 soft pretzels
• 20,000 cream puffs
• 16,002 strudel
• 6,000 jumbo pickles
• 3,600 lbs. sauerkraut
• 1,875 lbs. German
potato salad
• 702 lbs. Limburger cheese
• 700 pigtails
• 400 pickled pigs’ feet


Festival Hours:
Friday, Sept. 20, 2013
5 p.m. – midnight
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
11 a.m. – midnight
Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013
11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Where: On six blocks of Fifth Street, from Vine Street to Sentinel in Downtown Cincinnati.

Cost: Free!

Parking: Convenient parking can be found in the Fountain Square Garage for only $5. Parking info.

NEW: Friday Opening
Friday, Sept. 20, 2013
5 p.m. – midnight

7th Annual Hillshire Farm
Running of the Wieners
Friday, Sept. 20, 2013
Noon – 1 p.m., Fountain Square

Gemuetlichkeit Games
Friday, Sept. 20, 2013
5 p.m., Fountain Square

Opening Ceremony/Keg Tapping
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
11:30 a.m., Fountain Square

The World’s Largest Chicken Dance
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
1:30 p.m., Fountain Square

Samuel Adams Stein Hoisting Championship
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
5:00 p.m., Fountain Square

Hudepohl Glockenspiel
Every hour on the hour,
at Fifth and Broadway

Oktoberfest Every Day – Hofbräuhaus in Newport Kentucky

On October 17, 1810 in Munich Germany, Bavarian King Maximilian I Joseph spared no expense on the wedding celebration of his son Ludwig to his bride Theresa. The massive party of 40,000 guests was quite the success and the King agreed that the celebration would repeat every year. The royal Hofbräuhaus was permitted to provide food and drink as one of the eating houses and taverns.

Two years later, wanting to offer his Majesty special beverage the royal brewers created a darker, stronger beer specifically for the festival and the end result was the world-famous “Oktoberfestbier” from Hofbräu München. The brewers and tavern owners thought the beer should be shared with the citizens Ludwig agreed and granted a license for the beer and food to be served publically in the Hofbräuhaus.

The Hofbräuhaus in Newport Kentucky uses the original recipes handed down by the Duke of Bavaria over 400 years ago. However, the Oktoberfest and Maibock are imported from Germany. According to John Ellison, “The unofficial guidelines for a true Oktoberfest dictate that the beer must be brewed in Bavaria.”

Beer Master Conrad Freihofer elaborates, “For that reason we import the Oktoberfest and Maibock beers from Germany to share here at the Newport Hofbräuhaus.” Year round beer tapping celebrations happen the last Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.

For 400 plus years the world famous public house has also served traditional Bavarian dishes and the Newport Hofbräuhaus does as well, along with American favorites. Appetizers include the Hofbräuhaus Pretzels and Bier Cheese, Kartoffelpfannkuchen (Potato Pancakes) and Sauerkraut Balls. If you would like something more than the delicious soups, salads and sandwiches, try one of the Hofbräuhaus signature Bavarian dishes like Schnitzel, Käsespätzle, Dunkel Bourbon Chicken to name a few. Or try the Schmankerlplatte (Bavarian Sampler Plate) which includes schweinsbraten, smoked pork chops and three kinds of wursts aside sauerkraut, fried cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Like the original the Hofbräuhaus in Newport offers a fun place rich in German traditions both in the dining hall and the outdoor bier garten. Dance and sing along to the live oompah-pah band, enjoy monthly keg tapping celebrations and of course enjoy great Bavarian bier and food. So visit the Hofbräuhaus in Newport where you can celebrate Oktoberfest every day!


Shopping Unlocked – August 2013


Key Cover Story – It’s A Shark Ray

Millions of gallons of water hold thousands of animals from around the world at the Newport Aquarium and now they have the largest collection of Shark Rays on display in the world at the Surrounded by Sharks Exhibit.

The Newport Aquarium was the first in the Western Hemisphere to have a Shark Ray on display when Sweetpea arrived in 2005. “When Sweetpea made her debut in 2005, she was an instant hit with our guests,” says Mark Dvornak, Curator of Fish and Intervention. She was joined by Scooter and now Sunshine and Spike in the 385,000 gallon salt water tank. With that Mark shares, “Now our guests have the opportunity to see four of these amazing creatures, swimming all around them and making emotional connection with them. Guests leave here with a realization of what amazing animals there are in the ocean.”

Some unusual characteristics making this animal so amazing are that the Shark Ray is closely related to the shark having a dorsal fins and a flat, ray-like underside. Its appearance, including dual fins and human-like eyes, make this animal even more special. Shark Rays have a calm, gentle gaze and move gracefully through the water unlike sharks with their steely predatory stare and sharp, quick movements.

The Shark Rays are also part of the Breeding Program. By studying these animals the Newport Aquarium hopes to learn as much as possible so that the Shark Rays will be enjoyed by future generations. Mark explained, “Our Shark Ray Breeding Program goes beyond our hope that one day we have baby Shark Rays here at the Newport Aquarium. It encompasses a multi-faceted approach to studying rare animals and the data we are collecting will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the species world-wide.”

The Breeding Program is important to avoid the extinction of this incredible animal because of the lack of knowledge. The Shark ray fins are highly desired as food in certain cultures and there is a concern to dwindling numbers in the wild. Both successful breeding and general information on the biology of this species is important. By studying these amazing fish, the Newport Aquarium hope that Shark Rays will be enjoyed by future generations.









Stars of the Surrounded by Sharks Exhibit

Sweetpea – In 2005, Newport Aquarium made history by becoming the first aquarium in the Western Hemisphere to display their first Shark Ray, Sweetpea.
Scooter – Added in 2007, to create the world’s first Shark Ray Breeding Program.
Sunshine – Arrived in 2009 and was on display in the Coral Reef Exhibit before transferring to the Aquarium’s off-site research holding facility. She has now joined the rest of the Shark Ray group.
Spike – The newest member of the Shark Ray group. He weighs just over 200 pounds and is the second male added to the group.

Shark Ray Feed

Shark Ray Feed

Did You Know?

  • Shark Rays are also called bowmouth guitarfish and mud skate.
  • Shark Rays are the sole member of the Rhinidae family.
  • Shark Rays have small round teeth and powerful jaws to crush hard shells of crabs and lobsters.
  • Shark Rays have spiky horns on their head making them look like prehistoric creatures.
  • Shark Rays have a dorsal color pattern of many white spots over bluish gray or brown background with a pair of black markings over the pectoral fins.
  • Large Shark Rays can reach a length of 8.9 feet and a weight of 300 pounds.
  • Shark Rays give live birth to two to eleven pups.
  • Shark Rays are found near the sea floors and prefer sandy or muddy areas in the Indo-Pacific.

Shark Ray Feeds
Diet: Feeds on bottom dwelling crustaceans, mollusks and fish.

Monday – Friday at 1:00 p.m.
All days and times are subjected to change to accommodate animal behavior and care needs.







Newport Aquarium is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums which sets the rigorous professional standards for animal welfare, veterinary care, wildlife conservation, research, education, staffing and safety.



Key Dining – A Spectacular Show

T he Cincinnati skyline is the star of a spectacular show every evening and you can have a front row seat while enjoying an exquisite meal at Chart House. Dennis Chastang proudly shares, “We offer world class service and exceptional food to go with the best view on the river.” The perfect accompaniment to the view is a glass of wine from the extensive list the Chart House has to offer.

Now that you have a glass of wine and have taken in the spectacular view start off with an appetizer. Choose from the cold selection offering Crab, Avocado & Mango Stack, Lobster & Shrimp or Oysters on the half shell. If you would like a hot selection choose Oysters Rockefeller, Coconut Crunchy Shrimp or the Shrimp, Brie and Artichoke Melt which is baked to perfection.
Since your appetite has been teased it’s time to move on to the fresh selection of fish Chart House offers. Although the selection changes daily Chart House offers Mahi, Ahi Tuna, Alaskan Halibut, Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Swordfish, Gulf Snapper, Tilapia and King Salmon. Signature fish favorites include Grilled Citrus Salmon with tempura-fried sweet potatoes, shitake mushrooms and asparagus, served with lemon scanted sticky rice and Macadamia Crusted Mahi with warm peanut sauce with a hint of Frangelico, mango relish, soy glaze drizzle & served with Asian green beans.

If you would prefer Seafood the Pan Seared Scallops are delicious, served with ginger soy sauce & wasabi cream with wasabi mashed potatoes and Asian green beans. And if you would like a bit of land and sea choose the New Wave Surf & Turf consisting of fork tender short ribs with Cabernet demi glaze paired with your choice of seared scallops or grilled citrus salmon with a side of Yukon mashed potatoes.

The final act of this spectacular show is the Chart House Signature Desert of Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, a rich chocolate cake with molten center, made with Godiva® liqueur, served warm, topped with chocolate sauce, Heath® bar crunch and vanilla ice cream.

A Spectacular Show

A Spectacular Show