Figure Weight Loss: A no-nonsense path to a thinner you


If you knew a sure-fire way to slim down to a more attractive weight, would you go for it? Those answering “Yes” need to read about Figure Weight Loss, located here in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Figure Weight Loss program is physician-supervised, non-surgical, scientifically based, and individualized to your body, your metabolism, and your situation, according to Greg Weckenbrock, M.D.

Weckenbrock is the medical doctor who heads the Figure Weight Loss practice, which is dedicated to helping people lose weight. The practice was founded in 1999, and has helped thousands of people with weight issues to achieve their goals of losing weight and keeping the weight off.

About the Figure Weight Loss approach, Dr. Weckenbrock said: “Our physician-supervised program is comprehensive and proven to help our patients achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. Our success rate is very high, and the gratifying aspect for me and more importantly for our patients is that they keep the weight off, resulting in improved health, energy, attitude, appearance and self-image.”

On social media sites such as Google®, testimonials of people who have gone through the program clearly show the proven and very nearly universal success rate of the Figure Weight Loss program. Dr. Weckenbrock urged those interested in weight loss to check such sites and see what people are saying about Figure Weight Loss.

How does the program work? The starting point is a medical assessment by a medical professional, then a physician, who will counsel the patient on any medical concerns, and if necessary, prescribe the appropriate medication. The patient’s BMI (body mass index) is used to qualify each patient for the program, and goals are set based on the BMI calculation. Doctors help each patient establish sensible, appropriate and obtainable goals of weight loss.

Beyond the assessment, the cornerstone of the weight loss program is education. Doctors and staff educate patients on how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat. Each patient receives a lifestyle evaluation, and from that benchmark data, an activity/exercise program is established. There are no crash diets, no program-supplied foods to buy, and no gimmicky dietary supplements or wonder drugs promising easy weight loss.

“Our weight-loss program is based on sound medical principles, making each individualized program safe and effective for the patient. And our approach is affordable, since it is based on monthly consultations that run for three to six months in most cases,” Dr. Weckenbrock said. “Patients appreciate the affordability. Also, they appreciate the sustainability based on lifestyle adjustments rather than having to be involved in expensive programs that seemingly, or literally, never end.”

For more information about Figure Weight Loss, go to or call 859-371-4555. Offices are located at 157 Barnwood Drive in Edgewood, Kentucky, about 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati via expressway.