Five Years. A dream come true.


I started in the world of publishing at the ripe young age of 22. From my beginning at the Cincinnati Business Courier, selling subscriptions first and promoted quickly to ad sales, then being a lucky 1 of 13 to start the Greater Cincinnati Business Record, I did not realize then how much this would impact my future. I LOVE print… The selling, the editing, the people I worked with…. everything! So many amazing connections, so many dear friends (still to this day!), so much knowledge.

So here I am, 30+ years later… Publisher and Owner of Key Magazine Cincinnati. Proving day in and day out that not only can I do it… I can do it successfully!

I have surrounded myself with great people. To my family, friends and my “him”… you are my world, and I thank you for supporting and listening to me during the hills and valleys of my life.

To my fabulous designer who I could not do this without every month….sometimes late into the night(she “gets” me).

To my editor who never fails to amaze me at her quick turnaround with great stories!

To my salespeople pounding the pavement.

To my amazing and loyal advertisers, and all of you who read Key Cincinnati each month, whether it’s online or the actual magazine in your hands…I THANK YOU.

To all the Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and distribution points…thank you for putting Key Magazine Cincinnati front and center, and handing the heck out of it!

Key Magazine Cincinnati…in it’s FIFTH YEAR. Here’s to many more. Keep reading and watching for new ventures in the future!

Thank you all.

I Love KEY

Patty Youkilis


Key Magazine Cincinnati