Key Cincinnati gets results


Good Afternoon Patty;

I realized that I needed to contact you to tell you how much I appreciate you and the

wonderful results Trotta’s Steak & Seafood have received by being in KEY Magazine.
Your personal contacts and readers have dined with us recently and I cannot count how many times I’ve been asked if I know you.  I can only express my appreciation by wording back to these wonderful people with my head shaking up and down….“YES!  I Love her!”  Since being in KEY Magazine, it’s a fact, that I have received more business.  It’s a fact, that I have seen an increase in sales.   It’s a fact, and amazing that this one little magazine has so much POWER which has brought wonderful people not only into my business but also into my life.  And that includes you Ms. Patty Youkilis!  You have made a positive difference, a wonderful impact and change for the better

at Trotta’s Steak and Seafood.  You do an amazing job

and I most certainly Thank You!


Kathleen Trotta, Owner/Operator

Trotta’s Steak & Seafood

441 6th Avenue

Dayton, KY  41074