Travel safety and fitness, let’s go!

It is Vacation time finally and we are traveling!! People all over the globe are so ready for a vacation now that the bans are lifting! The global mindset is “live life to the fullest, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.” Travelers want to be where they can eat, drink, laugh and play without the restrictions. Across the Caribbean and Mexico, luxury resorts are opening now and scheduling their re-open dates for July.  Each destination airport has their own protocol from taking temperatures upon arrival to giving everyone a COVID test.  That is good news for travelers knowing that they are healthy and so are all the other guests. Each hotel has their own protocol for safety, health, and hygiene which has always been a top priority, but new protocols further elevate the standards of quality and cleanliness. Because health and healthy practices are on everyone’s mind now, fitness and wellness programming will be a main ingredient to the perfect holiday. Pricing is at an all-time low as well and it is well documented that the enjoyment of a trip starts way before the holiday begins.

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