Freedom to travel!

I just got back from my third trip to paradise since July.  All have been to luxury unlimited resorts in Mexico.  Mexico never closed the airports in March like most other countries, although resorts and beaches remained closed through June. Besides Mexico, US and Canadian citizens, as well as those in countries that are allowing travel, are being welcomed back to other vacation destinations.  Jamaica has been doing a phenomenal job since opening back up in June keeping guests safe by requiring negative COVID tests prior to boarding the plane and continuing the safety protocol throughout the airport arrival and resort stay.  Dominican Republic no longer requires a COVID test, but follow the temperature check procedure upon arrival. Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, Curacao and St. Martin finally say yes to travelers with a negative COVID test and proof of travel and medical insurance.  Additionally, temperature checks are set up throughout the airport and all at the resorts from the entrance, lobby areas, to dining areas and other frequented locations. Mask wearing throughout travel all the way from your gateway city to your room is required.  Before officially opening the doors to guests, these resorts put staff through extensive training on new operational protocols. It amazed me when I was there right after opening, how seamless it seemed for the staff to handle the extra cleaning, personal hygiene and additional safety measures. Sacrificing their comfort to provide the new safe, clean environment.  Once you are settled, wearing a mask is optional for guests although required for all staff 100% of the time. The staff elicit the confidence to relax, enjoy the freedom and just have fun again.

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