Freedom to Travel!

It’s all open! The last frontier besides China opened their gates for visitors. Japan signifies that the world is ready for international travel when they eliminated ALL restrictions late last month.  Whether you are going to Asia, or just something nearby like Cancun, this news offers a positive indicator that we have moved away from the pandemic paranoia onto travel freedom.  You might notice airline prices will be a bit higher due to staffing shortages but don’t hesitate to make your plans to visit the world.  On a side note, Cincinnati! News Flash!! British Airways showed up at CVG to bring a direct flight to London! And Delta reinstated the direct to Paris from CVG this summer. While the world opens, a new study from Kayak shows that 70 percent of Americans who will be traveling this season are stressed by all the challenges that the busy airports will bring, including flight delays and long lines. But there are plenty of ways to help lessen these challenges without shelling out tons of money. I recommend TSA pre-check and Clear. Both are low cost and major time savers.  

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