BLINK® to transform Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Blink Thursday 10-12-17-3989

Downtown Cincinnati is a beautiful place; from walking on the riverfront parks and crossing the Purple People Bridge over the Ohio River…. to the beautiful architecture by Over-the-Rhine and Findlay Market.

From October 10th until the 13th, downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky will be transformed into a beautiful outdoor art museum.  Spanning more than 30 city blocks, BLINK is one of the nation’s largest light, art, and projection mapping events, and is completely free to the public.

Featuring light-based sculptures and installations, brand-new art murals, and interactive art, BLINK is illuminated by ArtsWave. ArtsWave is a local organization that supports hundreds of art projects and organizations through impact-based grants. 

For four days, from 7 until 11 P.M., downtown Cincinnati will transform into a one-of-a- kind place in the world. As BLINK is the only outdoor art event of its kind, during these four days, Cincinnati will attract people from all over the world that want to come and witness the magic, and enjoy the shared inspiration and awe that BLINK brings. 

BLINK started only two years ago in 2017, when two separate organizations, Brave Berlin and The AGAR presented idea concepts for an outdoor light festival to Tim Maloney of the Haile Foundation. Maloney combined these concepts, and BLINK was born. 

Rich Walburg, spokesperson for BLINK, describes the unique opportunity BLINK brings for the city of Cincinnati, “Cincinnati is a creative, inclusive and innovative future city. BLINK is a monumental event that showcases all that our region has to offer. Because it’s free and open to the public, people from around our region, the nation and the globe will come together in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to enjoy a shared moment of art and light.”

BLINK is produced by The AGAR, ArtWorks, Brave Berlin, the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Foundation, Jr/U.S. Bank Foundation and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. For more information, maps, and many other resources, visit BLINK’S website,