Riverfront Pizza: Big eats for small bucks

Visitors looking for good, simple meals at very friendly prices will find all that at Riverfront Pizza.  Nothing fancy, mind you, but one of those places where “locals go to eat.”

“We’ve been here for 31 years, and the way we go about it hasn’t changed,” says Randy Gearding, owner.  “Do the food part right, keep prices low, and give people what they want.  That brings people in, and I like a full house.”

Notice from the size of the burger and hoagie in the photo that there is no skimping on portions at Riverfront Pizza.  With fast-food bigwigs less than a football field away selling their burgers, Gearding did not think a burger would sell at his place.  But oh well, he decided to add burgers to the menu, and even he cannot believe how many he sells, especially while in the veritable shadow of the Fast-food Giants.

What does that tell you?  To us at Key magazine, it says better food, more of it, and at a very attractive price.  And the burgers at Riverfront Pizza are hand crafted and actually look appetizing, instead of looking like they were thrown together assembly-line fashion by someone who is double-parked.
Same goes for the hoagie sandwiches.  Hoagies give pizzas a run for top billing at Riverfront Pizza, even though pizza has always been the anchor. “People like the hoagies because they make a great sandwich—a meal really, and we make them fresh when you order them,” Gearding said.  So that means your sandwich is not pre-made and sitting under a warming lamp, waiting for you or someone else to come along.

The hoagie list is 12 deep, and favorites include: a steak, with pizza or mushroom sauce, onions and cheese; a 4-way, with deli meats, pizza sauce and cheese melted on top; meatballs, halved, with sauce, pickles and cheese; roast beef, kitted out with mushroom sauce and cheese, or lettuce tomato and mayo; a tuna salad and chicken salad version.