Letter from the Publisher: What a year!

PeaceWow… Our fine city has surely seen an incredible year. The All-Star game pu our hidden gem of a city on the map.... In the spotlight shining so bright for one full week. The world got to see that Cincinnati is THE place for major events! 

We welcomed visitors from all over with open arms......thanks Cincinnati. You literally stepped up to the plate. 

Every August, our city shines again with The Western & Southern Open.... An 
anticipated event every end of summer… Always welcoming the tennis stars...hello Roger and Serena! They both walked away with the trophy....And so does our city. 

Now the whole country is watching as our beloved Bengals are having the season of their lives. You can feel the passion and spirit all over the city… 
Everywhere you look on game day you see a sea of orange and black. Bengal 
stripes are everywhere! We continue to wish them luck in their upcoming 
schedule… let's finish the season with playoff wins and cross our fingers 
for......Super Bowl! 

We'd like to remember Lauren Hill and the true legacy she has left this 
town....remembering that dreams can come true..,for Lauren....and for 
Cincinnati. Her spirit lives on..... And wishing continued strength and prayers for Leah Still....what a fighter!!! 

A heartfelt THANK YOU...to all Key Magazine Cincinnati readers, advertisers, online fans, distributors, and my dedicated staff...you make everything 
From the staff of Key Magazine Cincinnati… and from my family to yours… wishing you a very merry holiday season… And peace.

Patty Youkilis
Key Magazine Cincinnati