Freedom to Travel!

With the new year comes the new potential for travel. Americans are able to move past the restrictions of the last three years.  International travel, bucket list destinations, sustainable travel plans and more are dominating the travel scene.  This trend is not about to change, and popular destinations are making it so easy to move around the world. Entry restrictions have been eliminated or restructured to make it more convenient for all travelers.  Many countries such as Mexico and Jamaica have streamlined the procedure with no paperwork, no online forms, no health questionnaires, and rapid kiosk check points.

Global Entry is an absolute must, and it includes TSA pre-check.  Now at most US entry points, it’s a simple glance at a screen and a waive to the customs agent as you head directly to baggage claim.  No passport, no paper, just your pretty face.  Domestically I highly recommend Clear as well and all you need there is your boarding pass and your pretty face to go through security.  If you have TSA pre-check you move even faster.   

Here’s more exciting news for those seeking to travel abroad. Passport renewals have been a nightmare with this insurgence of international travel but soon that will also be easier.  After years of processing delays and office closure during the pandemic the U.S. Passport Agency is make some big changes. An online passport renewal portal will be launched for the general public this year.  This great news for the convenience but it will take awhile to obtain your passport.  Expediting with an upcoming trip noted in the application will speed up the process and well worth the extra dollars.

Plan a trip. Take a vacation. Explore the world!  

What are you waiting for?

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