Expect the Unexpected

A new Cincinnati bar is giving people a taste of what it was like during Prohibition.

Unexpected is a new speakeasy-style bar located in Prime Cincinnati, a downtown steakhouse, and it’s now open to the public.

To access the speakeasy, guests must enter through Prime and inquire about Unexpected. They then will be escorted through a back hallway featuring murals painted by an anonymous local artist and led through a secret bookcase entrance, according to DJ Webster, a manager at Prime.

If you’re looking for a late-night social experience geared toward the individual with a ripened palate who desires a sophisticated locale – look no further!

You’ll be lead through a back hall way featuring murals painted by a local artist and through a secret bookcase entrance.

“You’re going through the back hallway, you’re going through the back door, you go through the secret bookcase, and then when you get to the speakeasy, all the lights are very dim there’s different colored lamps on the tables. There’s live music. So it’s really a chill, like very lounge type bar vibe,” Assistant General Manager Sebastian Castillo said.

The bar features dozens of unique bourbons, some you can only find within the speakeasy.

Right now, there is no cover fee to get in but they do have a membership program where guests get access to monthly tastings and other exclusive events.

Visit for the experience. Become a member for the exclusive benefits.


Wed~Sat 8pm~12am

Unexpected Door is on 6th Street | Between Main & Walnut Streets | Unexpected Late-Night Access through Prime Cincinnati 580 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

To learn more, visit primeunexpected.com.