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chipT-phoenixChip Gilchrist (guitar, vocals) has been playing music in the Cincinnati area for over thirty-five years.  He has played with (in no particular order) Roger Klug, The Cheaters, Jenn McNutt, The Tracy Masterson Band, The Annette Shepherd Band, Spank!, Crossfire, The Gamut, Grxymkjbn!tm, Sometimes Paul,  Amy O’Meara, Just M and probably many others which escape his memory at this moment.

Chip’s influences include Led Zep, The Who, The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd – and pretty much everything he’s heard since he was six years old.  Chip was taught guitar by Rocky Lockard, who is currently making his guitar gently weep with Loose Shoes.

Chip deeply and sincerely wants you to come to Phoenix gigs and spend your money so that whoever hired us will hire us again.

patT-phoenixPat Deem (drums),  I started playing drums when I was 12 and was taught by local jazz drummer Keith Unger. After playing in school band, orchestra, and jazz band, I played in local rock bands around the Oxford area. In 1978, I successfully auditioned for Ocean, a national act on what we then called “The Holiday Inn Circuit”. After a year (and about 20 states) with Ocean, I moved to Florida and joined up with a succession of professional club bands through Mike Robinson Productions. These gigs were 2 week engagements, 6 nights a week, for 50 weeks year. We played Miami, Tampa, Walt Disney World Village, and up and down both coasts.

But after several years, I had seen enough of endless hotel rooms, and decided to settle down. In the time since then, I raised a family, and have played part-time with various local bands including The Carburetors, Richie and the Students, Reload, and Maputo. But I like working with great musicians, and that is why I am now play with Phoenix.

bevST-phoenixBeverly Cunningham (vocals, keys) grew up in Adams County, Ohio and graduated from Manchester High School.  At an early age, Beverly knew that music was ‘her thing’, and played the clarinet and piano.  During the 5th grade she and two of her friends began singing in a trio and were often competing at talent shows or providing the entertainment for school and community functions.  This trio stayed together through graduation from high school.  That was the beginning of her love of harmony.

In 2003 Beverly joined an award winning Sweet Adeline Chorus and over the following six years, competed with that chorus, as well as, singing in two quartets, “Pipin’ Hot!” and “Yowza”.

A lifelong dream was to be in a band and in 2005 that dream became a reality when she became a member of “Richie and the Students”, singing lead and background vocals.  This experience provided her with the opportunity to sing on many big stages including Doo Wop shows in Las Vegas, Chicago, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and others.

Beverly has made many good friends who share her love of harmony, and that has led to her latest musical venture with Phoenix.  She is looking forward to many years honoring the great musicians of classic rock and making harmony with her very talented friends and fellow band members of Phoenix.

lenny1ST-phoenixMaynard Mays  (bass, vocals), Maynard has over forty years of experience playing bass guitar in the greater Cincinnati area. Genres include soul, rock, blues, jazz, folk, and most recently, doo wop. Bands he has performed with include Soul Pack, The Rushmore Band, Sole Survivors, Michael Gregory Band, Uncle Daddy, The Johnnie Johnson Project, Twelfth and Midnight, The Gamut, Richie and the Students and currently, The Phoenix Band. It’s been a long and wonderful road and he has enjoyed playing with some great talent along the way. He is looking forward to playing with the talented musicians that are involved with the creation of this most recent musical adventure “Phoenix”.

cait_S-phoenixCaitlin  Gilchrist  (vocals, keys),  Cait has been involved with music all of her life, singing in many area choirs and studying voice for seven years under Esther Namm, as well as studying piano for six years under Nellie Koller. Cait considers Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant and Amy Leeamong her influences.

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Type of Music: Classic Rock and Pop

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